Analog Heart

How to prepare your tracks for Mastering:
1. Get your mix to a stage you’re happy with. The best masters come from the best mixes.

2. If mixing ‘In the box’ (digitally), try to ensure none of your channels are clipping. This includes any effects or inserts being used. Pay particular attention to your master fader, please ensure that it’s not clipping.
If recording and mixing in 24bit (recommended), having peak levels of about -6dbFS are perfectly fine. If mixing in 16 bit, peaking around -3dbFS is recommended. That is not to say they are goals for your meters! But keeping ‘under’ those levels is highly recommended.

3. Try not to use excessive compression on the master stereo bus. Ok for tone/’glue’ etc, but not always for loudness.  If in doubt, send two versions, one with, one without.If you like the sound of it, leave it on!

4. Using peak limiters on the master stereo bus, i.e. Waves L1, L2, Voxengo Elephant, Ozone, Sonnox, Massey etc. is generally best avoided if you’re planning on a getting your mixes mastered. But, if you’re using the limiter as a creative tool to achieve a certain sound, then leave it on. As with master bus compression, if in doubt you can send two versions, one with, one without.

5. When mixing down your final stereo mix, choose whatever sample rate you’ve been mixing in. There is no need to convert to a higher or lower sample rate before sending for mastering. Rates up to 96kHz are accepted.

6. The preferred format is Raw uncompressed data audio files, 24bit - WAV/AIFF.

7. Please provide all band/album/track name/isrc codes etc. that you would like included on your master.If in doubt, please get in s(at)analogheart(dot)net

In order to ensure your release deadline, please try to get in contact 4 weeks in advance to book your mastering.(Please note, final masters are not released until full payment has been made.)